Stop Delaying Your Roof Repair

Stop Delaying Your Roof Repair

Call Deep South Roofing Company in Carrollton, GA for service

Whether a falling tree hit your roof or the shingles were poorly installed, Deep South Roofing Company, Inc. is here to help. We offer roof repair services in Carrollton, Georgia and the surrounding area. Our team is trained to provide prompt, high-quality service on every job. Once we finish the inspection and repair, we'll send a full report to your insurance company to help move your claim forward.

An asphalt shingle roof repair requires professional equipment and service. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

We work with asphalt single roofs

Most homes in the Carrollton, Georgia area have asphalt shingle roofs. Damaged shingle roofs require professional service to repair or replace.

As part of your roof repair, we can fix...

Broken shingles.
Leaking pockets.
Damage from buildup.

Trust an expert with your asphalt shingle roof repair. Call 404-819-7240 now to get started. We proudly serve Carrollton, Atlanta, Coweta County, GA and Alabama!